Worst Card photos in the game

I gotta start off with PO LeBron, that bald spot on Calderon’s head is blinding me

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Elgin Baylor and George Mikan because 2K is lazy af and only has 1-2 pictures of pre-80s players.

Bob Pettit has had the same 2 photos since 2k15 or 16, check in mtcentral and you’ll notice

Hal Greer goes here too… you google Hal Greer and the first 10 images is the image 2k used. Mikan isn’t from lack of pictures he just looks like a high school math teacher.

Mikan looks like a giant


All of the cards with copy/pasted photos of players from earlier myteam cards.

Playoff LeBron is the worst. Why the hell did they choose that? Why not him taking a difficult shot or something? Goddamn celebrating picture where you can only see his face.


McGinnis by far has the ugliest face animation ingame, reminds me of 90s games.

Ruby Bill Russell. Some small guy somewhere in the background



This one looks more like a sketch than a photo too.


Diamond Bob Cousy is fucking terrible lmao