Work is offering me an Iphone 8 or Pixel 3a? Which poison to choose?

Need a new work phone and these are my two options… Any advice?


Iphone all day

Seems like I’m back on team iphone. Fuck I miss my galaxy note 9 plus already :frowning:

Both these phones dated as hell if you like scrolling the internet. 120hz display is a gamechanger on the s20.
I do hear the pixles have nice camera’s though.

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Companies aren’t laying out the red carpet anymore… Budget cuts… Happy to have a job and any phone lol


Really just depends on what you are using your work phone for. I have an iPhone for my work phone and it makes it easy to share content with people. I also have an iPhone as my personal phone so I didn’t have to relearn anything.

If you do a lot of conference calls and have AirPods it makes life a whole lot easier. Slap in one of those bad boys and continue doing what you are doing while your on the call.

Pixel 3a

Unless iMessage is essential to you, it really doesn’t matter too much. That’s the biggest difference between the two that isn’t a gimmick.