Work debate

Oatmeal or grits??

Oatmeal for me

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I actually mix them. Don’t hate.

Oatmeal. Grits are nasty.

Patron: “Waiter, I asked for grits! This is oatmeal!”
Waiter: “My apologies.” dumps in bucket of sand
Patron: “Ah, thank you. Just what I wanted.”

I’m not from the states but tried grits when I was in Florida, shit was nasty

Clumpy oatmeal all day

Oatmeal. If you put syrup on it, it’s over.


Shrimp n grits > any oatmeal dish.

As a black man I’m ashamed to say I have never had grits. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Chicken Grits, otherwise stick with oatmeal and coffee. You should get bagels too.

Grits with butter and salt. I’m uncoordinated so I dip my biscuit and sausages in the bowl of hot grits then I shoot some Louisiana hot sauce in there, it’s crazy good for me. Anyone else mixes they food in the bowl?

Grits. Gotta know how to make them. Oatmeal is prison food

Mix grits, toast&jelly, eggs&cheese, sausage, bacon, and hash browns in a pot. You’ll ascend