WNBA in 2k20

Are they gonna finally have WNBA teams in 2k?

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Not that I would care even a little, but it’s about time to do that.

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Same lol

Can’t wait to see you all complaining about Lisa Leslie posterizing Shaq, crossing up Kawhi, and shooting 3 balls like a Splash Bros. in MyTeam. :joy:


Cool for my daughter but I’m good.

Put this on its own disc or something . So many problems with the game they need to focus on.


Wanted to write the same thing with Becky Hammond dunking in KGs face XD


Lol… if we get Lisa Leslie Before Reggie Miller


I love the WNBA, I hope they have access to all modes and features. I was pissed when Live made it so you couldn’t do a full fledged career. WNBA MyLeague, a WNBA MyCareer. I’d love to ruin somebody’s day with an all WNBA lineup in MyTeam. I need that Galaxy Opal Delle Donne.


This is actually the first fun thing I’ve heard someone say regarding 2k20.

That would be awesome.

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You know that bug where your players shorts visually star to hang out for no reason? Man are people gonna pray to get that bug with a WNBA player :joy::rofl::upside_down_face::sweat_smile:

exactly give them a whole diffent game mode because the moment i see Brittany Griner banging down low woth boogie ima lose my shit


Im saying lol

Low key WNBA tourneys might be lit :joy:

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lmao yea if they make it realistic and make it do dunking this just means layups are gonna be op this year. Im also boutta make a girl on park and bully everyone

I remember when EA implemented women teams in their FIFA games. it was literally impossible to find a match because nobody wanted to play with women. I tried it so many times because I thought it could be fun to try something “new”.
I mean, nobody HAS to play with women so nobody should be against that.
BUT as a company, if you have the time, money and workers to create such content, you should also have the time, money and workers to fix other probs that actually have an negative impact on gameplay. and do that first. it’s not like 2k games had no massive gameplay issues in the past…

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Nobody knows most of the WNBA players the league is pretty insignificant if we’re being honest. It’s cool yeah but are most people going to care probably not

There’s plenty unrealistic shit in 2k already. GO Steve Nash with Defense & Dunking. Dave Cowens being Giannis with a jumpshot. The 398 threads on this website asking which center is the best SG. Hell even in a regular Play Now game I can’t leave Thabo Sefolosha open despite him sucking ass from three IRL. Live integrated WNBA players/ Created women into their blacktop mode just fine. Having them in MyTeam, Blacktop, MyCareer modes etc isn’t going to kill anyone.

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they’re strength ratings are going to be what?

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I’m actually really happy to see this. I have two daughters and they always want to create-a-player, but get mad that they don’t have female character builds. Hopefully, they carry this into the CAP mode as well.

Can’t wait to play with my girl. Kayla McBride and Kelsey Plum from the Aces.

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I know most of them cause I bet on WNBA. Easy money maker