With so many good SFs how do you rank them?

I really want to try out Zion, but I already have Tatum, Bird, Odom. So really not sure.

My rankings

Tatum, Bird, the rest


True, so Zion not worth it eh?

Bird by far imo, then Odom, Tatum.

Zion is good except he’s slow and short for SF, so that kind of takes him out for me.


I see. How’s his release? Zion seems kinda cool because of his strength and post fade is decent so i can see abusing weaker forwards. But if his release is bad then probs not worth it

I only played one game with him tonight but it was good. Pretty quick and fairly smooth (no weird hitches or anything), def nothing to complain about as far as the release goes

This Zion card isn’t worth 200

I love the Odom card. it’s so good I really don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon… but yeah SF is gonna get absolutely log jammed when PD versions of KD/Bron/Kawhi/etc drop.

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I really like RJ

RJ is really good. He’s easy to green and makes non greens

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Just waiting on a PD KD or George.

Zion’s standing dunks are filthy. I feel like his backdown post game at sf needs to be a focus otherwise he’s not worth it.

yeah waiting on a lebron or kd so I can bring RJ off the bench

I wish I would tried that with. He’s one of the only SF with back down punisher, not many SF besides giannis have moving truck. He’s probably a beast in the post.

Millsap always another option with it I believe

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Ingram is really good for my too
And turkoglu diamond is a cheaper option

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So far am enjoying using zion there as a mini shaq. Conpliments jokic nicely as he always helps with blocks and rebounds alot as well. Him and fat man run a mean pick and roll too.


Benched PD Giannis after 3 games w Millsap.
My rankings…
Millsap, Giannis, Dick Jefferson, Hedo

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At what position?