With Opals regular now, what would a Promo look like this week?

At this point there’s gotta be 2 opals in the set, 3 PD’s and diamonds/amethysts for lower tier cards, right? And a dope fucking set reward opal? They dropping opals on a daily basis now.

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Would they push an anniversary??

If so… Give me Jimmy freaking buckets lol

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Milky opal tungsten titanium plexiglass Vienna sausage set reward hahahaha


You had me at milky.

You had @Petravork at sausage set.


2 juiced rubys
2 juiced amys
2 juiced diamonds
2 pink diamonds
1 pull-able opal
1 opal reward


Another nice ass ruby to had to the squad

There taking so long to put butler in packs that im close to not being able to find room for him -.-

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Ruby Michael Cooper
Ruby Moncrief
Amy Payton
Amy Ben Wallace
Diamond Draymond
Diamond Gobert
PD Rodman
PD Ron Artest
Opal D Rob
Opal reward Dwight Howard

This set would be ass but was fun to build

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I’d take it cause d rob wouldn’t require locking in and no way id lock for Howard.

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yeah i thought that was the best way because Howard is still a big 2k hypebeast card but they usually make the best card pullable

Promo will prob be clutch playoff performers or something like that

Here is the NBA Most Improved Player Award set

Ruby: Gheorghe Mureșan
Ruby: Boris Diaw
Amy: Monta Ellis
Amy: Ryan Anderson
Diamond: Hedo
Diamond: Dragic
PD: Jimmy Butler
PD: Kevin Love
Opal: T Mac
Opal Reward: Gilbert Arenas OR Siakam

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Screw that, roll out those Anniversaries, so I can get those Tokens :money_mouth_face:

Say no more, make the MIP set 2k

Nah man, I’d like to get a huge batch of cards rather than waiting for an anniversary this Friday. You’ll get your anniversary next Friday if 2k continues to follow this pattern

We haven’t had a promo in a month and a half

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If Diamond Hedo gets Bass 11 along with all of the HOF Shooting Badges + HOF Dimer.

We’re doomed

hedo is the peoples champ