Win streaks agendas

If you quit game before it ends it will not reset your streak.


Serious ?

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Yes. Changing game modes on the other hand will. So make sure you stay in 1 mode untill you finish.

So if i’am about to loose a tto game i have just to quit and relaunch ?

Exactly same goes for limited and unlimited


Cool thing thx

I just want francis

I wish I had known that before I got Francis and Vuc.

Wish I known switching modes would end my streak earlier lol. I’ve won 10 in a row, but I switched to TTOffline and lost my progress. :joy:

At least I know I can quit and it won’t count against my streak now.


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Yeah switching modes shouldn’t stop your streak but unfortunately that’s a very 2k thing to do.

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It is…I was 6 wins in and noticed it reset and said I had 2…I’m like wtf…I did end up getting Stevie Franchise tho

Crazy how sweaty it is even when you quit you can still continue on with the streak. I had some tough games basically AFTER I got him. Maybe the fact I was using him pissed people off lol.

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The first day I tried to get Francis/Vucevic. Went 8-0 in TTO and lost. 7-0 and lost. In unlimited 2-0 and lost. Could have used the quit trick, but didn’t hear about it till afterword’s.

So I plan on quitting if I need to next time I play. I go 10-0 and 5-0 anyways without needing to quit lol.

The 5-0 wasn’t too hard with Francis. I suggest getting him if you need a PG. Get him even if you don’t need a PG. He may be your favorite once you try him out.

He did get abused on defense whenever someone attacked him. I have not given him any defensive badges though. I am sure if I gave him clamps, menace and ankle braces it would really help. He can get up to 93 perimeter defense with coach/shoe boost.

How does this quit trick work? Do you have to quit while winning or losing? Do you pause and quit or close the application?

Both quit and dashbord works. You can quit at anytime.

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Just quit before the game ends. Doesn’t matter how you quit…

YouTubers are making videos about it now so I would do it ASAP. Expect it to be patched soon for sure.

i threw up my diamond drose with 2 extra hof badges (ankle breaker and space creator) w/ diamond contract+shoe for. High Key the insane dribble moves and monstourous speed. Runs past Gary Payton everytime. Its also badged out with a bunch of gold badges.
94,950 mt

That moving mid range is automatic from Francis as well. HOF difficult shots. If they go under the screen or try to deny the drive just get to an open spot and shoot the moving mid range. Easy to time.

Once again this idea was good but the execution was awful. The fact that you can quit and not have it end your streak is absurd. Much like switching game modes resets the win streak. They truly are incompetent.

Nah - idea was lame too. No reasons to demand win streaks - win counts should be more than enough. At least it’s way better than ‘play X games’ like it’s used to be.

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