Win or Loss?

pulled pd dirk after the worst year of pulls yet as the best card beside that i pulled was amy mj this whole year and only one diamond pulled no diamond shoes also mentionworthty pulls this year are amy kawhi amy worthy amy curry amy kd only one diamond contract. anyways pd dirk iant saying much now which sad due to state of this game. so i sold for 79k after tax and picked up 95 LeBron w red kyrie and unlimited contracts for 29k amy pippin w red kyrie for 34k and amy hakeem w unlimted contracts and a shoe which i dont remember off hand for the rest. so w/l?
i dont know if ill play myteam next year due to the terrible experience this year i spent $100 plus on vc and got nothing now with the market everything is worth nothing. its so hard thought as mygm and my league dont offer the same feeling of competitive team building and we all love bball

pd dirk
95lebron unlimited contracts/red kyrie
amy pippin red kyrie
amu hakeem w unlimited contracts/diamond shoe

Definite W. Some good cards right there.