Wilt vs Worthy vs Clyde

Narrowed it down to a choice between these three.

Anyone lucky enough to have all three and want to help with my decision?

I have clyde and worthy.

i like worthy a lot, he’s a bit more versatile offensively, but Clyde’s perimeter defense is way better than worthy’s imo, mostly because he gets so many steals and pokes. Worthy and Clyde both have great animations, Clyde is a better shooter and Worthy is better in the post (both defense and offense).

I havent used wilt but Drob with that really nice release and great 3ball is probably better for my play style than wilt

I’m missing Clyde, but I wouldn’t want him for free. I won a shit ton of games last year to get him in Supermax and I absolutely hated his shot. Wilt is the right choice.

I got both worthy and wilt they are beasts

What’s your lineup though

Thanks for the input fellas


All have Diamond contracts and shoes other than Jordan

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My ideal would be to lose RW and MJ and replace with GO Melo and Clyde I think

Can’t go wrong with wilt or worthy for that lineup

If you want Clyde go for it. If that’s who you’ll have fun with

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Honestly you can narrow it down to Worthy or Clyde. Drob outplays Wilt and I’d imagine that Kareem does too.

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I’m also debating Clyde or Worthy…

I’m leaning Clyde. His PD is nice.


I feel like I might have the most fun with Iverson but I pulled his PD real early on and abused it so feel the opal might not be that exciting and after grinding that many tokens I feel like I should try someone new

I havent tried the PD but it looks pretty good

It’s cheap enough to take out for a trial run to see if you’d like the PD.

His jumper does take some getting used to.

The badging on the Opal is almost perfect but I wish the strength was a little higher.

I feel like Wilt might the player to pick to win games, he looks like he can lock down the paint and out manoeuvre the centre on offense but I am also thinking he wont be as fun to use as the other two as I wouldnt utilise his post game as much as I should

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Bro…GO B Roy is basically Clyde and he’s cheap. Clyde just has higher strength, better rebounding, and worse playmaking.

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Roy is looking like he is gonna cost 300k which I dont have. Could possibly afford Rose and then take Worthy?

How much MT are you working with, @Benand1?

clyde has better defense too