Wilt the Stilt - How good is he?

I am thinking about picking up 98 Wilt, since he is one of my favourite NBA Legends of all time and I always loved his cards in Myteam.

My Questition: How does he compare to all the other Diamond Centers in the Game?

So far my favourite Center and most dominant in the game is 98 Hakeem by far. I feel like he is the most consistent when it comes to rim protection, rebounding and finishing around the rim. I also think compared to Kareem, he is just way more consistent in general.

How does Wilt compare to Hakeem? Is he better at protecting the rim and rebounding? And how good is he at finishing around the rim with contact? Anyone tried him?

I grabbed him last night and holy moly he is incredible.

Defense and rebound : best in the game by far, even Hakeem or Kareem can’t deal with him. His strength and vertical mixed with his defensive badges and stats makes him incredibly powerful. Plus his wingspan is OP

Offense : His shoot is better than I expected. Can make some 3’s (still don’t take 8 3’s a game with him), and posts animations are pretty good. Rarely misses layups, dunks on everyone, grabs offensive boards over Yao ming and other huge rebounders.

But the most powerful thing he has is speed. He is running so fast, faster than some PG, SG, SF and PF. Unstoppable on the fastbreak if you pass him the ball at the right time

So yea if I was you, I would grab him

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I will grab him too when his price drops a little.

If you are interested: Wilt hated the nickname “The Stilt”. He always prefered “The Big Dipper” or “Dipper”

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He is good enough to … 20k chicks i assume.


He blocks the shots like he spanks the ladies :wink:

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Can he block 3-4 in a row ?

I picked him up last night and he’s never leaving my lineup. Last year every version of Wilt was modeled after the older Lakers era because 2K was lazy. I had the diamond and watched many vids of the PD which seemed to play roughly the same way. This diamond seems better than that PD.

This year they really captured the essence of young prime Wilt: Speed, length, agility, graceful animations, etc. Now that he has the elite attributes, badges, and tendencies I think he’s the perfect center, at least for my playstyle. There was a moment last night when my opponent had one of their wing players (can’t remember who but someone with good speed) on a breakaway with Wilt trailing about 10-15 feet behind him. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get the chasedown block, which he did-emphatically. I wish I had a good shoe for him but he doesn’t need one unless you absolutely need your center to be a 3 point threat.

Got him last night, ran 2 supermax games with him, 2-0. Definitely OP (small sample size but whatever) his transition offense and defense is really amazing. He can guard anyone on the floor as well

It’s funny seeing people spend 300k for this card lol, I’ll let you sim players believe this card is good.

I just picked him up with a diamond contract and diamond 3-point Jordan shoes. Can’t wait to try him out!

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PS4? 200k?

Yup PS4! I was looking for something else and then saw this one ending in 3 mins so I jumped on it. I have Kareem, Hakeem and Cousins. I needed a better defender so hopefully he lives up.

That was mine :slight_smile: Enjoy him!

Thanks for outbidding me haha

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Oh nice! First MT now getting your old peeps. How is he?

My bad. The price looked too good to pass up.

The circle of life!

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LOL. Hope I have the same luck you’re having bro!

Don’t think. Just dunk. This is NBA 2K Jam :slight_smile:

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Haha yeah it was definitely a good price, I was going to go one bid higher but hesitated. Crazy how many players there are and bidders and owners are in the topic lol