Wilt or KAJ with HOF deep 3s?

I’m on next gen fyi. I’ve got Kareem and I’ve given him HOF deep threes along with gold deadeye, blinders, corner specialist, handles for days, ankle breaker, space creator and tight handles.

To anyone that has used both, is it worth it to sell him and get Wilt?

I also have other centers like DRob, Mel Daniels, Pau, Giannis and Unseld. Running out of room for the 4 and 5 spot.

I sold Wilt and got Kareem. And I feel Kareem is better. Even with just gold deep 3s I make more shots with Kareem than Wilt did. Wilts release is just to wonky. But I feel Wilt’s defense and rebounding is slightly better but it’s really slightly. And I know it’s crazy to say but I think Wilts post hook is better but Kareem 3 is better. Animations in this game go much beyond the stats.

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Muhammad Ali

Those cards are so similar at this point of the year its just going to come down to personal preference.

Wilt has HOF range and a higher 3 ball but janky release
Kareem has Gold range and lower 3 with good release

It really just depends what release you like better and what animations and player model you like better.

If you attempt a lot of 3s with your center, go with d rob. He has better jumper. Animation is more important than hof range.

I can only speak to Current-Gen but KAJ has a way better release than Wilt purely because its quicker. Off the C&S KAJ is MONEY with HOF Range… Run high pick and rolls and your gucci

with phil jackson + floor general + kobe shooting grinch - KAJ 3 points can be increased to 96-99. But yeah, his release is cash

KAJ simply because his high jumper vs the set shot of wilt . I’m glad everyone hyped him up Friday I was able to get Kareem for 360 while work was still at 560-600

Wilt, in overall terms, is better. The issue came with his shoot animation, this is weirder than KAJ shoot

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So Kareem’s shoot is better than Wilt’s shoot? Whose shoot you like the most in the game so far? I personally have many favourite shoots. But I think my absolute favourite is Dwight Shoot.

In current, 98, 3 (jarret jack), wade, kobe, gay or d angelo russell are base that are really good for me.

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for me its base 29… only three decent cards have it though.

PD Danny Granger
D Sean Elliott
D Zion


I was hesitant to splurge the MT on him but Kareem is a fucking demon.

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The Captain easily if you can only pick 1.

Yeah I was just joking. I don’t even play 2k21. It was a pun of The Office. Dwight Shrute. Was making fun of the user’s bad English. But the joke clearly didn’t hit so I’ll just go and feel ashamed in the corner now.