Wilt or Gobert? My Wilt has the white Kobe shoe

Just trying to see who y’all think I should run.

Wilt is the man! Gobert bench maybe

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I have KAT PD

I tried Gobert and Kat at the 4 but that didn’t feel good. I average 8 rebounds a game with wilt

Nice that’s pretty nasty

Call me crazy but I have gobert at 5 and wilt at 4. Obviously I have to have rick Barry at the 3. But it works.

You’re either crazy or a genius lol. I have Dirk, PD AD, and Draymond as my 4’s so that’s kind of an issue

Lemme take ad off ur hands :wink:

Yeah yeah yeah 100k since I like givin PD’s away

Can you run Gobert as back up center?

Ihad PD AD at the 5 and PD Giannis at the 4…

I got PD Gobert in the Locker code pack so I’m going to try Gobert at the 5, AD at 4 , Giannis at 3.

As I’m sure u know. Dirk great shooter but terrible if you make him move his feet. Wilt doesn’t have that problem just not a great shooter like dirk but servicble in 4 out 1 in

I love Dirk. I have a shoe so his moving 3 is 99. He does what he wants lol.

Now he does what he wants. Now he does he wants. Now he does what he wants lol

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Legit had that in mind :joy::joy: