Wilt for 100k an L?

Damn man I thought this was a snipe does he not go for over 100k? Smh

He doesn’t. My diamond contract one went for 110k

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On PS4 I seen a couple of them at 100 K buy now last night. It’s a pretty solid price as he may drop only 10K per week in value

Wow at this point should I list for 100k bin and eat the tax?

Wait till tomorrow, when today no new cards come out maybe the value will rise a little, maybe.

Yea also could drop to 85k tomorrow too. I honestly don’t even know what a snipe is anymore. Other than Kawhi, Kobe, and prob a couple buys almost every diamonds bin

I’m still hoping for a duo so he becomes a PD

Lol I bought this card for 220 sold for 180 bought for 160 and now he’s 100 what a beast

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Yea i thought i it was a snipe too,last night a bought one for 100k and sold it losing money from the tax

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Go figure I saw a base one on ps4 ending around 135k

Market is stupid right now lol

Whew sold him for 120k no money lost

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