Wilt Changed Back

When 2k deleted everybody’s lineup there were some reports that Wilt’s player model was changed back. Now that they fixed it did they keep him with the old player model?:eyes::eyes::eyes:

I’m at work and can’t check. Can somebody confirm?

I got Skinny Wilt

He did not change

He changed back to the original model during the glitch. Freestyle is disabled right now, don’t know if he changed back.

He was during the glitch, kd was an opal too lol

the game reverted back to original state during the mishap. This means Wilt was old model. with 5 HOF badges.

Now that it’s fixed, it’s exactly how it was yesterday. no headband, and 15+ hof badges.

Confirmed back to the new model again.

Smh wow…got my hopes up for nothing