Wilt Chamberlain

Is it worth it to slap a Kyrie or curry on him. Do I want this card?

i compared him to Kareem and seems 90% of attributes Kareem still better even without a shoe. how much is he going for now?

Like 300k

hes going to drop down quick in comparison to Kareem but Wilt has always played better then his stats. His Amy still holds up well, couldn’t imagine this one.

Yea. I’m just wondering if red kyries are worth it on him

to keep or sell?


I don’t think there is many other centres there going to release in the future that would be much better… But ill wait till they announce the season reward before doing it. So wait maybe 24/48 hours. The shoes can be just as important as the card sometimes lol A PD/Diamond simmons with Kyries would be way better

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Yea. I just need a new center for the run. I hate Kareem

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You need Hakeem. I have both he and Kareem, and Hakeem is the BEST center in the game.

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I don’t wanna lock the set in tho that’s the only thing

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dasher was that you who bid the base wilt up to 281k?

Nah I got outbid at 240

I got outbid on the one w/ kyries for 300k I’m sleep

Would you like a pillow?

I will buy him in a few days and either use my orange Adidas and make a speed demon or my yellow mid range Kobes to make him useful from midrange on him. Maybe waiting for a possible duo first.

I use him in the Alltime PS4 league (Bucks). The more i use him the further down my Center depth chart he drops. I don’t know what it is but no player gets more often posterized. He can’t protect the rim at all. No one can this year constantly but KAJ is definitely worse defensively than following C/PF i have tried: Hakeem, Ewing, 97 and 95 Cousins, McHale, Porzingis, 98 Shaq, Amy Wilt, 98 Duncan.
Kareem is a better 3 point shooter compared to his ratings though. Nice release for me and the duo boost of course.

I got outbid at 565k

Kareem just doesn’t do it for me. Misses to much around the rim and always goes for stupid put backs instead of rebounding

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