Wilt+ Barry duo?

Anyone here using/used the duo ? I have already bought Barry (for 10k) but havent had time to try him, still need to save more to buy Wilt, how are they? I am planning to run Barry at 2, would that be fine? Any opinions welcome.

If you have a ball dominant PG or SF you’ll be fine, Barry is great as a 3/D player. Run lots of pick n roll/fade and people usually won’t guard wilt 15 feet and out. He’s the best center in the game with the duo

Yah, i have Baron at 1, Draymond at 3 and Kirilenko at 4, so plenty of playmaking in other spots. Using Horford, but dude is too small and does not jump high enough to do anything in supermax. Hopefully Wilt+Barry will do good :slight_smile:

Try running some flare 3pt plays for wilt too!

I love the duo. Barry is a fuckin beast of a shooter. Needs deep range dead eye and limitless but great card otherwise. If u can find one with a diamond shoe even better. I have wilt with currys. Gotta say his shot is weird. But he will make some threes. Thats a plus in itself when he shouldn’t even be able too. Defensively wilt is a beast as advertised. I run barry at the 3 because i run fist hawk so he is the guy who gets open for the 3 if he plays the 3

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Yah, i use Lakers/Warriors playbook with 3 point plays all the time :slight_smile:

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Hows that raptors playbook

I still run 76ers lol.

Whats the good 3 pt money plays in that book lol. I only know the 5 out cheese and alley 3 works half the time