Wilt and Rick Barry Duo: 85 THREE FOR WILT

I called this duo too. Jesus Christ.

Lol gg

Grabbed wilt for 60k last night lmaooooo finally

@HarryLundt Man, you need this new Rick and Draymond for your team…

Lmao i sold one for 90k last night. I wonder what his price gonna look like now

Fuck I need Wilt back now lol

He’s the best center in the game now with the duo. Easily over 150k

Pulled Barry yay

I don’t really think it’s worth running rick barry

Look at this possible Warriors All-Time Team now… and this is without a 99 Steph or a better Mitchmond…

Lol i got 200k to finesse the market with this evening after work

I might take a half day, got 500k sitting at home lol

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If only I could run that lol…

That Hondo/Cowens duo…

That changes things.

I think necessary diamonds to be ran are Wilt, 96/98 Kevin Durant, Steph, and Rick Barry to be honest. If I still had the team, I’d run this:

I run PD KD, Wilt, Curry, Iggy.

I honestly think the difference between the two is not worth a potential 5th diamond player – that’s just me though.

So have we confirmed that duos stack with shoes properly yet? My Wilt has Curry’s and a 94 open 3 sure is tempting!

That’s it? Just two duos?