Will you complete this set ? Count it here


I would only play Melo and Oscar, but Oscar is missing 2 must have badges (at his price point). Defensive Stopper and Pick Dodger. In general for having 11 HoF Badges he isnt ticking off the right boxes for me (shooting badges). And then there is the release…


Oscar is not worth locking in if he doesnt even have HoF def stopper… ASG Magic still better card

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Not if Melo is going for 600k lol

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Wont be locking, cant afford if i wanted to anyways.

I will

Cause I am going for Giannis lol

Only if i pack melo.
The rest will be cheap.

is locking for 1 extra card worth it?

I’m locking. Packed Melo. No-brainer.

At some point all the remaining cards will be costing 300k-400k. So even one card is very good

So yea it’s worth it

Will Melo cost 600k??

Yeah but 2k will continue to drop moments, cheap tb elites, promos etc. how many cards away are you? it is your team after all

Around 460

And yes they will but it won’t be enough to get Giannis

And if I wait, I will have to pay my missing players way above the price they were when they came out

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My guesses on price for ps4 after everything settles down is
400k for melo
200k or so for jimmer
170k or so for pistol
Emeka stays at his 20-25k mark
Jj for 45k or so
And laettner stays around 40k as well,
Is the million mt worth locking for a card that doesn’t have hall of game defensive stopper or limitless or drd? Probably not, will I still collect all of these guys anyway and end up locking out of boredom? Absolutely

Hell nah i’m not locking this.

1 or 2 cards that look fun, but really only Melo would even make my squad… and i’m a patient man. Maybe i’ll snipe one this weekend, maybe not.

My first Reward lock will be the best one, Opal Blake.

Helllll naw

In an hour, yes.

It is tempting. At 4300 attribute points and 11 HOF badges, it’s hard to find any flaws with the card. On the other hand, I have two godly point guards, one of them called CP3 and the other Magic… I’ll see how much I like Melo and Jimmer.


Cp3 must be god of anxiety ?

No, but that’s because I’m just not a fan of Oscar’s shot and dribble moves. If those were changed then I’d be all over it. PD Melo is a hypebeast card too so he’s gonna go for a pretty penny