Will we have a new PD Kobe ..?

Only a few PD Kobe was released right ? That would be cool

So a 98 kobe with insane stats and every badge you could want isnt enough?

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98 kobe and a shoe is better than the pink diamond

Prolly a duo and i hope it will be with pd Magic :innocent:

I can see a diamond Lakers Shaq coming out and Kobe duoing with him.


Like there hasn’t been a pullable Shaq all year…

Is it just me or did they change Kobe’s shot base in the last 6 weeks or so? It looks so different now… both 97 and 98

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Definitely feels a lot different

Does anyone on here have that PD Shaq?

I didn’t notice a change in the 97, but I pulled the 98 tonight and it feels different.

Different in what sense?

I can’t tell if it’s slower or just looks different, but I noticed a change immediately.

The 97 was different from the Amy. The 98 feels like the Amy

I might have to go back to the 97 :joy:, I put in a lot of work with that card. I kinda miss Frobe, the #24 player model just isn’t nearly as cool.

I’m the opposite lol I used the amy more because I love 24 kobe