Will we get more token rewards?

Im 30 tokens away from wilt and i dont wanna lock him in then they release another opal in a month. Once u have him theres no real need for tokens so i assume they will release more.

I dont like that TTO mode that much anymore so i would love to have the extra time not having to do it for tokens lol


I don’t remember them adding rewards in the past, but who knows.

Not sure mate. all likelihood they will not drop reward players anymore as they would want VC sales rather than giving them for free for those who grind.


Probably Not. There are not enough ways to make tokens for another 750 token player

Well this is reassuring lol. U could make another 300 by locking in every throwback elite. But i know my luck with this game they will release an opal melo as i press redeem lol


Yeah it seems odd that there is only 1 GO in the token market, but I really think that’s all they have planned. The rest of the tokens will be to buy packs in the market, which is still technically a NMS grind and giving people a chance at packs without spending

I say buy Wilt and worry about the rest later


Well, look who just made the team! :scream::scream:


Confirmed 2k just released GO melo in token market. Just now

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Good job mate. I gave up on locking HC sets. Pulled 4 boxes and still have the feeling I’m 1 million mt away from him

I’ll just save tokens and earn them the hard way

B for the effort

Haha honestly, thats what im expecting to happen haha

@MagicJ 2k making it harder i swear, its taken me days to get these 33 tokens because they dont wanna give me boards online with tokens so i had to resort to offline -.- lol

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Nah not melo. Maybe a steve nash ? Some undersized player no one wants although id run nash lol. But wouldnt grind

Are u fr lol

No lol im trolling real hard hahah

Noone woukd grind for that nash but im sure ppl will quit there jobs for opal melo lol.

GO Muggsy Bogues!!

This is very true lol

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Hey now ! He was my fav player when i was a kid. Im short. He gave me hope back then

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I’d grind for Muggsy before i grind for Wilt! I love that little dude, he was my favorite Monstar too

99 everything that makes sense for him and 3 pt plays ? Id run him at the 2 lol

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