Will we get any Moments card today?

PD Horford?

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Maybe :gem:


Durant and harden could go off next game. Cards won’t be until Monday I think.


I’d say Durant and jokic are locks for PDs Monday or Tuesday, especially for being close out games

Kawhi might get a PD

Kawhi, KD, Horford… maybe Jokic… probably a few clipper cards too

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If Klay is out I think KD could have an even better game today.

It’s crazy that Horford doesn’t have a card better than his base sapphire

Wow! And hes had so many bug games too

At least give him an amy

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I just wait for that Kawhi to happen but it will be a tb playoff i guess :disappointed:

PD Simmons
PD Klay
PD Kawhi
PD Hayward


I hate that they only release Moments cards on Mondays. It limits the amount of cards that they release. That’s why a lot of under appreciated players are being left out of moments cards. They legitimately need to score 30 or bust.

I need like 7 silvers to compete the 19 collection so this drop better be good

2k’s servers can’t handle too muh heat at one time, brother.