Will We Get a Better Wing Defender Than GO Kawhi?

I know we’re missing a GO LeBron and there’s that GO Payton, but Kawhi’s animations are something special. Just wondering if anybody else comes to mind for the wing defense and also the offense that this GO Kawhi offers. His shot is easy and he has that cheese fade.

I think I’ll just take the plunge will everyone scrambles to nab GO Kobe.

Pd Kawhi offers the same defense :slight_smile:

I love GO Kawhi, if you like him just get him the games almost over.

Or wait for a GO Larry Bird or something like that.

98 Draymond or opal dray


Maybe there will be a GO Pippen with base 11 :wink:

That PD Pippen is still a monster.


Soon, I think. Melo getting HoF Bruiser + Pickpocket will probably become very common on the new cards.

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one of the best cards in my offball squad

Opal Pip or Iggy

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Larry Bird and Pippen will be juiced

Go Giannis already out man

I wish.

I like the suggestions, but the enticing thing to me for this card is that 90 strength on top of all of the defense. That’s 95 with Pop. I had to sell my PD Pip because he would get bullied in the paint (a lot of the abuse came at the hands of PD Melo and his Ox build). Y’all are right though, the game is almost done might as well pick up a player I like in his final form.

GO Giannis isn’t even on my radar @ismith111 but I do wonder what’d it be like to use the cheat code.

There will be another Kawhi to de-value the existing one.

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Opal Pip

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If Raps upset the Warriors and Kawhi does Kawhi things I’m sure there will, but this one is already so juiced that any change would be minute. I agree that a GO Pip will probably hit sometime, but Kawhi was my dude on the Spurs and even though things went sideways I can’t not like him. Too good.

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How is bill Russell not the best wing defender


He is.


Cowens, Millsap, AK…best defenders of the 3 position imo. Bill Russell can guard 1-4 & obviously GO Giannis could guard anyone in the game…except PD Mark Eaton


I still think Bill Russell is the #1 defender in the game.