Will we all accept those shitty servers until 2k20 comes out?

Shouldn’t we all send tickets to the 2k Support asking for money compensations because of this shitty servers.

The game has been unplayable since almost a month… We all invested time and some of us a lot of money in this game and don’t even have the ability to play?

Maybe a few hundreds tickets in the same time asking for cash compensation could make them react…

I’m down but no way enough people commit to doing it
Too many people are complacent and would rather do absolutely nothing and/or keep on playing the game as it is unfortunately

To motivate people, I m almost opening a ticket every single day since a month each time I face an issue on the game just to piss them off.

Since that I have packed all new GO in about 20 packs with MT (Harden, AD, Bird, Tmac and Garnett) I dont know if there is any correlation but…

They’ll just give automated messages saying they’re working on it and close all the tickets. We have no real method to pressure them. Do you see the amount of bad press they get on every tweet? Doesn’t do anything. Tickets? Close them and move on. Only thing that will make them change is losing money.

People complain everyday and then undermine themselves by buying VC smh

I’m convinced they’re just killing the game slowly. Getting people to leave the game, and have them prematurely look forward to 2k20. Clever.

This company is pathetic man. I can’t believe how poorly they handle this. There’s no accessible communication about this the auction house. It’s all buried in tweet replies.

It’s like a C student 15 year old is in charge over there.

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Must be the same kid that created Shaq’s card :sweat_smile: