Will there be another Promo/Premium Set/New Themed Pack?

After this Ultimate Collection expires, are we going to get anything else or was this the last pack of the year? Is there a GO player that we haven’t gotten yet?

I’m definitely at that point: don’t know, don’t care.

I’ve spent all my MT, locked it in. The broken AH will be touched no more. Just games, haha.


I mean you never know with 2K. The name ‘’Ultimate’’ suggests it’s the last though. I can’t really think of any players they could release either. Well we still need guys like Bill, Pippen, Wade, Kemp and so on but they could just release them on Tuesdays, and none of them are really better than what we already have.

Anyway the game is so broken right now that I hope this was the last big release. Would be nice if the game could be somewhat playable for the last few weeks.


Yes I’m sure they will release aGO GIANNIS at some stage, that’s the only card I’m missing

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Nah, no way. They didn’t release one when he got his MVP award. That’s over, no way it’s happening.

They might of not released better cArds because they had better ones coming. Like pd gobert etc. i could see an opal giannis. We didnt expect perfect bron and mj last year

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Yer but I can’t see 2k missing the opportunity to make money on go Giannis before the end of year, it’s eady money for them

It was easy money when he won MVP but they just re-released a 6 month old PD Giannis. They even wrote it on Twitter that the GO version of Giannis already exists and it’s in the rewards, meaning they got no plans to bring him out.

Guess they cared too much about the players who grinded to 2500 cards.

I only need 500 tokens to get Limited Jordan so I wouldn’t mind


This is called Ultimate for a reason, there wont be anymore sets imo.

We might get some three GOs on Tuesday though, maybe Bill Russell, Dray and Kyrie? Or possibly Pippen, DWade


I just went in…

Copped PG, just need Kyrie for Shaq

Got KD, Klay, Curry, RWB to complete the ultimate set :sob::sob:

I gotta tell someone.

One more for Duos they need to release a Pippen and a few other guys.