Will there be another market crash in the future?

After PD Lebron has been released, are prices the lowest they’ll be all season?

from what I hear they’ve been okay not much of a drop.

The only thing that’s gotten fucked up are some of the historic prices and any promotion players that were heat or cavs

I’ve been following the historic since last night, people look like their just giving all their cards up for whatever my they can get since we’re jusg about at the end of the line for content

Haven’t seen the drop this time, or at least nothing like the MJ/playoff diamonds/Giannis trio uber crash. Maybe when the awards players drop, if there are multiple PD MVPs.

Are these packs lasting a week? I could see them freezing up all cards like MJ week and then pushing out one last promo. I feel like we’ll have a PD KD this year.

agreed it’s only Cavs and heat players that are dropping due to the packs spitting them out.

What about a pd kd?

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Seen 98 Kobe go for 250k and TMac at 260 in their last 30 mins on PS4, so there has been a slight drop on some cards.

That’s probably due to the game. Kobe went for 600k before the game started.

I’m gonna have to go sell somebody and buy him if he’s going that high then.

he had a diamond shoe, but no shoe is worth an extra 300k lol

What’s 98 Bron going for?