Will there be an award for collecting POTM’s going forward?

Just wondering if there will be another opal reward for getting player of the month every month again? Or is it only Isiah Thomas? Because I don’t see a collection reward for Jason Williams

I hope so. i would think they would.

No enjoy the one free player you get that’s 2k logic


Doubtful… they should have already added it if that would be the case. New POTM is not in it’s own set like the first one with the IT reward.

Not impossible but it really doesn’t look that way.

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Hmmm … I’d hate to pass on J Will and then they add a opal reward for collecting him, but I really don’t want that card.

They placed JWill under PD rewards in collections and not under POTM, so I’m assuming there’s no collection reward going forward.

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Damn what a useless card.

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Honestly I love having j will to play against my friends, but he can’t be used unless they change the shot contest

Go Joe Dumars :joy:

He’s a fun card to goof around with, and for Giannis chasers any card to the count is worth the time spent

Yeah people will shoot directly in your face if they have an height advantage lol. @element are you still in the Giannis hunt?

Yeah we back. 66 cards to go rn

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You a savage bro. Im at 97. Time to grind some offline … -.-

Hope it useable fun current player pd potm instead bum historic player that arent good in 2k smh… … be

I doubt it. The first batch of potm cards were part of a set the new ones are pd reward cards. If they are not in a set of their own then they can’t be locked for a set reward

@raptorsbenchmob @element Man I don’t know how y’all do it. Domination and Schedules are so boring…

I.havent even really started. I keep procrastinating lol

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I’m still on fantasy domination and have like 25 more schedules lol