Will there be a GOAT KD?

what do ya think coming out on friday my guess is a Goat kd or a glitched kd that can play pg/sf

I think your title needs a little more than a question mark to not be misleading lol

“Will there be a GOAT KD?” Would be better

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Kd aint goat levels. Glitched yes but no goat is a joke


Glitched makes sense. Goat KD…that would be the most 2k thing yet

He’ll get a Glitched SG/SF that is oh so close to a GOAT card that it may as well be

But no, he won’t get a GOAT reward card

KD is a :snake: not a :goat:

Also his jumper is buns.


If he gets a GOAT, that opens up pandora’s box

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Doesn’t matter if he is all 99 and upgraded Opal KD is plenty enough bro he’ll have 90 plus in every state except Strength I’d assume

He’s gonna be goated and high priced like always

Nah but he’ll get a glitched Warriors card


He’ll get a goat card if he didn’t leave okc and won 2 championships.

He will be glitched. Tmac’s glitched card has 56 HOF badges when evoed, so that’s not too far off from GOAT cards.

Kd and buckets are every year cards for me

Kds current opal has never left the squad lol

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Any card can drop so 2k can open your wallet


glitched Warriors card

GOAT KD with snake Pic as in GOAT of snakes ?

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Would be cool to see a “GOAT” series, but for greatest Scorers of all time. We could have KD, Harden, Curry, TMac and all the other GOAT exclusions who were still elite nba offensive players.

No! He is not Goat, not even for 2k

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KD isnt a goat but he put up Jordan numbers vs Lebron in back to back finals and effectively took Lebron out the goat conversation. harsh truth


No way. But im assuming this GOAT theme will become somewhat of a new tier of cards in future 2ks.

No. But a glitched 99.9% imo