Will the SUPER-PACKS for throwback collection come this week?

Will they?
Also are we going to see super-packs for 2nd anniversary?

What do you guys think?

I hope so

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They may drop the throwback this week and the anniversary 2 next week.

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I would think theyll do both this week. I think Anniversary Super Packs are more likely than throwbacks of they only pick on to release though. My guess is Wednesday we get Anniversary super packs but they screw us and put ALL of the Anniversary cards in packs version 1 and 2. (you heard it here first) And, throwback supers on Thursday. New promo Friday.


also i think we see a new collection with opal next holidays. hello to griffin owners) its 2k they love to broke our investition

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Are throwback superpacks only for elites? I didn’t start MyTeam until end of Jan and can’t go for Giannis unless throwback historics get cheap

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theyve never released them. The have the diamond colored throwback packs for vc promos but ive never gottem an offer cause i buy vc so they dont give me deals. Youd have to ask around.

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Hope they release throwback packs.
Don’t even care If they have TBE in them. Just don’t want to pay 20k for a gold throwback. Only need the first 4 throwback sets.