Will the PS4 and ps5 have seperate auction houses?

Not sure if 2k has spoken at all about this or not. Will there be seperate auction houses?


I am also curious about that in xbox. Also, whether they have separate server, means you if you are playing current gen (which i think most people stays in current gen - casual gamers), then can you play/match online with next gen. Will there be advantages/ disadvantages on both gens, and whats the key differences.

2K has not spoken about this but it seems like yes because they have said you’ll be able to freely change between PS4 and PS5 with all of your MT, VC, tokens, etc. That doesn’t guarantee the AHs will be the same but it makes it likely IMO

Also, will there be a different content drops for both Gens, i am sure 2k will follow where the money is.

MT and VC being available to the account in both generations of console suggests that the AH will be shared as well.

I hope it’s shared cos i won’t be on the PS5 till Christmas. So that month and a bit wait while others are already on the ps5 there would be less cards on the 4 cos pack rippers would buy them on the 5

No. It’s all based on one server.

EA has games with 3 auction houses, your account gets random to one of them.

Once the accounts are connected to the ah servers they can’t change it.

Been a while and launch is getting close. Anyone know if the PS4 and PS5 are having a shared AH?