Will the Lakers make playoffs

They got insanely brutal schedule, so not sure on that.

I hope but I highly doubt it


please tell me, how the hell the “best player” is in doubt to make the playoff? :man_shrugging:

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I partly agree with that but to be fair before his injury they were 4th or 5th in the west if I remember correctly.


They need to go 17-8 after the all-star break just to get to 45 wins, which is possible but not likely if they’re not fully healthy. They really need Lonzo back for defense and so Lebron doesn’t play point guard for most of the game.

But like 2.5 games away from 10th and maybe 4 from 14th.

They were in 4th before the injury, but that doesn’t matter to @Shoko and most of the Bron haters. All they see is the chance to say he’s losing. He won’t make the playoffs. He only been back for 5 games. Most people said he couldn’t win in the West before the season started and he was winning. These aren’t even western teams the Lakers are losing to. So that doesn’t have anything to do with it. They loss to Philly, Indiana and the Hawks.

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I knew game was over lebron trae young guarding him and kick it for ingram for contest three. And team play no d…
Anthony davis kyrie cant come soon enough

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Can Lebron carry a team to success without superstars around him?
He never has, he never will. This seasson is the answer and proof of why Lebron is not the G.O.A.T.

If they don’t start winning right after the break, they’re done.
Their last 5 games are against the Thunder, Warriors, Clippers, Jazz and Portland.
And I don’t see them being like 3 games ahead before these games.

Not a LeBron fan, but you must’ve missed that Finals against the Spurs.

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Theyre 2.5 gb. Once Lonzo is back everything goes back to normal. Lakers aint shit without Lonzo. Been trying to tell yall. My guess is Lakers take 6th or 7th seed. More likely 7th. Not sure where you guys are getting this tough schedule from. Seems pretty normal to me. Plenty of gimme games vs tanking teams and with Lonzo back easy games become easy and games vs top teams become much closer. Regardless i think they should fire Luke over the break and let Shaw take over. Luke a joke.


Season is still being played relax lol. And he led his Cavs team with no All-Stars to the Finals at the age of 23. 8 finals appearances after. And led that Cavs team last year to the Finals with no other star unless you consider Kevin Love to be that. There’s a few valid reasons to say he isn’t the Goat, but this not true.


Without Lonzo no.

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Tbh, last year’s East was a joke.

Anyhow, I heard something interesting the other day. Idk if I agree with it, but it certainly makes sense to some extent.

Lebron makes average teammates and role-players look great, but all-star teammates look worse.
Tbh, if we go more specific, it should be added that big-men all-stars look worse.

Wade and Kyrie didn’t suffer because they were secondary ballhandlers, but Love and Bosh were certainly reduced to glorified role-players in a lot of games.

We’ll see how things work out if he gets another all-star this summer.

We should be guests on skip and Shannon , triple team Shannon :slight_smile:

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There was a year when Kareem was in his prime and they didn’t make the playoffs… just saying

I’m the MJ guy but Magic without Kareem, MJ without Pippen have also no rings. Only Kobe managed to do that if that counts :slight_smile: He also needed some missing parts to be completed. Lebron is not the goat for me but that doesn’t change the fact that goats had other allstars around em for the dynasties.

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The Lakers only threats are the Clippers and T’Wolves… So… I’ll think they’ll be OK for the 8th seed.

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