Will the free Kukoc expire when this season ends?

How long do we have to get him?

Until the end of the season.

Yes, he expires

Any tips on easily getting the 10 blocks?

JJJ and 2 bronze PGs. Bait the garbage point guards into running to the rim and come out of nowhere with JJJ. That’s what I’ve done in the past.

Top5 mistyping. KUROCS ? :joy:

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Is it just tt offline or tt online also?

Both ok

I got 9 blocks with JJJ in the last moments challenge game (i think it’s against Heat Check Raptors?). Just bait away, wait for the inside pass and block away. Got 1 more block in a TT offline game.

I played old dom and played off his matchup when they pass to him, defend him at the basket, got 6 blocks in a half

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TT offline use two PG bronzes just let the cpu drive and anticipate the block. or you can also jump so the cpu gets a free lane to the basket

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Tall center like Yao

No you need to use Jaren Jackson JR.


I only have JJJ. How long would it take to get Kukoc?

Kukoc takes about an hour or so roughly I reckon to get, that’s how long it took me anyhow :+1:

I’d probably say about maybe 60/90 mins gameplay for each of the 4 cards you’re missing too. You can easily get him pal, I wouldn’t fret but do try to get the other 4 needed ASAP.

Play a DOM game vs Rookie Charlotte with JJJ at center. Put your controller down and come back every few minutes to make sure the game doesn’t go into sleep mode. Go do something enjoyable.

When you come back, you’ll be down by a lot but you’ll have at least a few blocks. I think I got a little lucky but it took me only 2 games this way to get the 10 blocks. It’ll probably take you 3. Good time to get Nurkic the rebounds too.

JJJ and two TALLER players, definitely not point guards. full court press, bait the opponent pg to go for an easy layup and easy block. i got the 10 blocks in one single game

I got the 10 blocks in 1 dom game (1 star Knicks) and got the Nurkic 25 rebounds & Oubre 25 threes in the same game as well. It is really easy to do it on these 1 star early dom games.

I’d rather grind it out in TT than waste my time on a 1-star dom game. I don’t like repeating dom if I don’t have to.

I feel you but it was just one game for me, I knew it’d be max two which to me is quicker than TT for the blocks/rebounds. Plus I had to do Bowen & Miller in TT so I wanted to switch it up.

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