Will the free card bracket be a pd or GO this year

Usually when they do the bracket thing on twitter for a free card it’s a pink diamond, the pinnacle of myteam. However, this year the galaxy opal is the highest attainable card tier. Will the tournament remain a pink diamond bracket or will it become a galaxy opal bracket?

It won’t matter. We’ll all end up getting 100 mt.



I mean everyone and their mother got it last year lol

Well that was because it was an automatic code. This year, we’re dealing with the ball drops.

Or maybe they’ll just say fuck it and put it in packs

I thought that they were gunna release limited locker codes like last year too. ??? Or is it always ball.drops ? I fucking HATE ball drops. Such shit

I guess it could be limited, but more than likely it’ll be a ball drop.

Opals are really pds from last year so yes op they will be pds again aka opals. Confused ya there didn’t I.


You talking about the March Madness Bracket Lol

Need a GO Lonzo

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Not me bruh

Yeah bruh I fucked with the pd Lonzo last year


itll have high intangibles