Will PD Duncan be released in packs?

Just wondering will 2K release that PD Duncan in playoff throwback packs of draft day packs.

Nope. They gave us 2 codes, the first one which was up for like 2 hours, and the second which was up for a little while too.

How do you know .I was doing holiday ish didn’t have time for the code but they released most of the other ones in packs

I don’t, but everyone who wanted it, got it. All you had to do was be awake during that time period. So, I don’t think they’ll release it in packs. And it wouldn’t be a big thing to sell, seeing as everybody already has him.


And they only released the awards pd in packs. As far as i kno thats it.

Idk if they will, or won’t, but I got home at 3:18 pm eastern and it still worked. Lmao