Will my current 5-0 record carry over to the next reward?

Will I start 5-0 when the reward resets tomorrow (or whenever it is)

That’s the way it’s been for the passed 2 cycles. Don’t know if they fixed that with this new patch or not

I hope so, managed to get 11-0 again and waiting to play the last game haha

How come half the dudes I play already have Issel? It can’t be that common to go 12-0.

It’s been a whole month bro 70% of ppl got him

I thought games reset

If you have to go 12-0 that means that every person that did it ended 12 people’s streaks. Seems like mathematically it should rare to see him.

Its nowhere near as hard as last year. If they gave better rewards last year it would have been worth it but going 30 games to get an AMy when pink diamonds were out was lazy. This year its too op.

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I see him one every other game

I haven’t gotten Issel and have yet to face him

I think I’ve played people who have him less than 5 times and maybe 2 people who have Finley/Issel. That’s not to say that people choose not to use either of these guys but I would expect that to be pretty uncommon

Depends on your overall tbh. In the 99 range god squad where 80% of my opponents are he’s common af.

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100% agree on the overall note. I have like 8 lineups with varying overalls.

My 99 overall lineup runs into issel more than all my other lineups combined.