Will melo ever play In the NBA again?

Will Carmelo Anthony see an NBA court ever again? Is he pretty much out of the league? Thoughts?

He will come back , but as a role player. He needed a harsh reality check and I think this will set his mind straight

Idk rockets don’t want him it seems. Well see

I don’t know what team would want him

Hope he retires with the knicks. Need that jersey that I should have bought lol

It looks unlikely.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if he does a Vince Carter and cruises with lottery teams to help young kids.

He deserves jersey retirement (Knicks)


True . Let’s see what the future holds. I still think he comes back to play for two years at least

Some people can’t accept the new reality though, like AI…

He made so much money, and is a future hall of famer. Hard to see him coming back for 10-15 minutes a night

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For his sake , hope he does or else he better have a ton of money saved up

Probably not. He’s not good enough anymore to be a no. 1/2 option and won’t accept to be role player.

Imo, this is Melo retirement, even if not official

I think he will finish off in the Big 3

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That might happen

Hopefully , people seem to forget how great Melo was when he was at his peak offensively , and seemed to just pile on em wherever he went . Melo being the quiet guy he is I don’t think he deserves all the hate

Melo Haters not gonna watch that video. When someone is a hater or dislike a player. Nothing you say or post will change their mind.

True , I grew up on that draft class , Bron Melo Wade Bosh , are always gonna be faves of mine