Will make custom logo for you

I’ve been making logos for some members on this site.
I didn’t realize how many don’t have custom logos, from now on if anyone is interested i can make a logo for you in change for a $10. This takes time and I’ve spent abour 6 hours on this tonight so doing this for free isn’t viable :grin:

Edit: I now accept paypal

Here is my work so far:




@DEG, I’ll have to email you this to get rid of the background if you like it

@kinsman, I’ll have to email you this to get rid of the background if you like it


$10 might be steep…

I took photo shop in high school and as nice as those are, I know it don’t take 6 hours to do that lol

I’m talking about all of them, ca. one hour each. And it takes time to come up with ideas


This is RAD AF!! Wow, dude… it’s perfect!!!


Haha thank you, had a good feeling about this one :grin: glad you like it :grin:

Dm me your email so I can send it to you without the background

In what universe is $10 steep for someone to create and design an entire logo for you? $10 is barely enough to get a fast food sandwich or cigarettes lol… Do you want the man to work for peanuts and a stick of gum? That is a great deal per price and performance.


Wish I could get this on PS4 man

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You can, I’ll design the logo and email it to you. You upload it on ps4 yourself :blush:

Can I pay you with MT?

Naah I don’t f with that, don’t want to get banned :grin:

I was thinking about Snoop when you told him your team was the Smoke Dogs. No bigger smoke dog than Snoop. :joy:
You need to make that your center court bro.

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Nice work Hemmi

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can you just add a blue circle background to this?

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OMG thank you that is amazing!!!

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Thanks man

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I’m on ps4 so is kinsman

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night making an arena and uniforms lol

All the logos look awesome @Hemmi2k ! Great job man !