Will Kiki Vandeweghe drop in price today?

I have three currently, should I sell him when I get home or should I not worry about his price and wait until he is out of packs?

Doubt it since Throwback Packs still got a week to go

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He will drop, but he will pick back up on Saturday, just hold on.

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So he wont drop dramatically?

Drop a Bit, but if you’re planning on selling him for max price, I’d wait until he’s out of packs(?)

Edit: or Saturday when the tournament starts like @Knezius stated

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Thank you so much. I think I might put a shoe and contract on all 3.

Dont, shoe+contract are better sold separatly.

Unless its a cheap shoe, otherwise kyries and etc are net negative.

How about a diamond contract?

That might be around same value, dunno hard to tell. Maybe worth it, shoes deffo a no go.

Ok makes sense

Shoes if you want to keep, or have a ton