Will it be GO LBJ?

Will we get lbj today or trolled

I hope so. Biggest crash of the year if it is him.

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the REAL question is: will it be ANYTHING today?


Opal LBJ, especially since he’s likely going to be Signature Series, will be announced the night before he comes out, just like MJ and Kobe. So not today for sure. Possibly tomorrow but most likely next Friday.


I hope so

Tomorrow super packs today of some sort


LBJ is the last gem I need for my infinity gauntlet


Hes a sig series.

Literally same ima about to run this man at point :joy:


Bron is my end game point guard.

Simmons to the bench.




Should be 2 weeks man. Idk why but there are a bunch of usual forum members who seem to now have forgotten the schedule. @Knezius is on the money with it.

Promo set - today or tomorrow
Anni KG - next week
Sig Series LBJ - 2 weeks

Now yea 2k can throw us a loop. But there would be no way for us to know that. Nobody should be telling you LBJ is coming today or tomorrow.


Summer, too much sun :sun_with_face:

Ding ding ding

Bird and Magic down 100k from yesterday.

The promo will finish them. Can’t fucking wait to add Bird.

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They will rebound on weekend.

I don’t see them being 480k again.

I’m grabbing Bird today. Maybe Magic.

I really don’t know if we’re gonna get a promo… the way it’s gone tomorrow should be a promo but I thought 100% we were getting bird magic jordan kobe Shaq in a last set and none of that is possible… so I’m thinking just kg and Lebron over the next two weeks with throwbacks peppered in