Will it be enough?

I have around 5mil MT right now and i am sitting at 1100 cards.
Will the 5mil MT be enough to reach GO Giannis?

No Bro.

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Sorry but this was cute

I’m 165 cards away and I need at least 4 Millions to get Giannis

Damn, how is it that much? Are you trying to skip getting the FA cards?

It might depend on which cards you need. 5 million in this market might do some damage.

I currently have a little over 2 mil at 215 cards away. Did some math last night and can get to about 75 cards away before I’m broke. I haven’t done any schedules either so I think I will get on that since the last ~60 cards will be all PDs

Thanks guys!

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I’m 208 away but only have 250k. I hope V comes through w/ some big pulls soon. :pray:

Me too. I’d love to pull a giant fish, sell and get like 20 cards in return lol. That’s why I’m kinda regretting locking Malone. Not that I locked the set, but that I did it now, that extra mil from Tmac would’ve came in handy right about now

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I guess i will not be going for the Greek freak.
I’ll focus on the token GO rewards

I locked Blake the day before the HOF packs were announced. :cry:

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Surely do. It’s so long and unfunny

Though I started to create all time teams so maybe I’ll use them offline to make things more entertaining

300 games for 60 cards :pensive: :hot_face:

Don’t mean to hijak the thread, but more so to add some context if you’re still interested in the Giannis chase:

I’m currently 188 cards away. The following are cards I am missing:

Moments: 79 (PD: 26, D: 44, A: 9)
Throwback: 25 (R: 1, S: 4, E: 6, G: 14)
Throwback Elite: 51 (PD: 15, D: 34, A: 2)
Rewards: 12 (A: 2, R: 10)

  • Not Including GO, PD or D Rewards
    Premium: 40 (PD: 18, D: 15, A: 3, R: 3, S: 1)
  • Not Including Sig LTD’s, ‘Promotional’ or TDIH
    Schedule Free Agents: 52
    Misc: 3 (Kerr, Pop and Magic PB)

Total: 262

PD: 59
D: 93
A: 14
R: 14
S: 7
E: 6
G: 14
Misc: 3

So I don’t need 74 of the cards above, so I can effectively knock off all PD cards needed (59) which will leave me with 15 I don’t need. Expensive Diamonds such as Jermaine O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Klay, KD, Tatum and Tmac I can skip as well and it will still leave me with 9 cards I can forego if I deem them too expensive.

However I still need to do 26 more schedules so that part is still hell

I would say if you’ve already completed the heat check collection then it may be possible depending on how many ‘deals’ you can get

Also if I screwed up my math, feel free to let me know lol