Will I have enough for Kobe if he drops?

Stupidest idea ive had in a while but Kobe is my favorite player of all time. If i sell PD MJ with CP3s, PD Giannis, and the new Paul George, do you think I have enough for the limited Kobe if he drops tomorrow?

Yes if not just wait 2-3 days his price will surely drop

Should i wait tomorrow to sell? To make sure he’s actually dropping?

I dont know man if he drops all other cards will drop in prices. I am currently selling my granger.


Wait until a weekday at 2 am pst to buy Kobe after he’s been out for a few days

Sell your PDs a few days after he’s released & during a prime hour like 5 pm pst or 10 am pst

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Thanks! Will do

I think it’s too early for 2k to release him. They usually spread all the cash cows and having Kobe released shortly after MJ doesn’t make much sense yet again nothing with 2k does.

Granger > Kobe

Your username is BrokeC, im guessing no.


He is a bit inconsistent for me and I think his defense is nerfed.

All defense is nerfed. Granger is one of 2 cards on this game that are unguardable. The other being Giannis. We seen Kobe already his diamond has a trash release

Make sure you got all the shooting badges equipped. I said the same thing about AK then realized he didn’t have DRD or Limitless

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I got AK i think he is better than granger


AK is a more complete player but Granger is an easy 40 points a game


Yes but I think my play style doesnt suit him. I run magic and giannis and AK

Yea they really fucked up kobes release this year

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So guys what’s the chance we might get Kobe tomorrow?? :thinking:

100% chance there’s a chance.


Hope it’s dropping soon been seeing Veronika for a few days lol

They made a great business decision in creating the galaxy opals to improve the milking process. They can use the PD cash cows early and switch to galaxy opals eventually so they might drop PD kobe soon imo