Will have about 340-380K: What to buy?

My team consists of:

Opal Lavine, PD Rose( Spotlight)
Opal TMac( Hes kinda a must have for me tbh), I’d roughly have about 200K or more if I sell my 1 Granger and keep the other I pulled this morning from 2 MT packs
Opal Kiki(I just got yesterday and really like his shot a lot), PD Pippen( still trying to evo but I’m determined plus got PD Cunningham lol)
Opal Duncan, and kinda looking to get a replacement for him for PF possibly, I wish i would’ve took smith but i put a shoe and d’antoni with my team so its a bit better now)
PD Demarcus, and a couple other PD centers from spotlight sim lol

I’d honestly try to get a little bit more in order to get Lanar. He’s a hulkbeast at PF and is going to appreciate in value

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I thought so as well. I was hoping I pulled him both times last night and this morning… I pulled 2 Opals, and both being granger. I pulled the second from 2 singles and the first from selling one i had and buying more packs

You will not regret it. He hustles hard and his shot is butter once you get it

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His shot better than hedo?

I played that Lamar and he is cheese lol
Lockdown takeover i think too

What do you think he settles at before packs are gone and afterwards?

For some reason, Hedo has been selling for me lately; I can’t say Lamar shot is better, but the green window is larger imo. Lamars is def slower tho