Will GO Admiral end up as the best 3PT shooting, rim protector C?

I noticed there’s not many cards that have 94+ open 3PT and HOF Rim Protector. D-Rob is one of them along with GO Mailman, McHale, Pettit, Siakam, Horford, JJJ.

Is D-Rob going to end up as the best one? Or what other 5’s will come out that are great 3PT shooter and will be great paint protectors.

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Only other I see competing w/ him is GO AD

drob has a goated jumper

What about a potential GO KAT. Is the release too slow? How about a juiced PD or even GO Sabonis?

karl towns was the man last year but i never used drob last year. drob has the better jumper still

Sabonis will be better.

What are the odds we get another one?

100% imo.
Good thing with DRob is, that he still might be the best PF at the end.

My opinion (for what it’s worth): Malone > DRob.

I realize most won’t agree.


You’re right.

I don’t agree


Height IS important.

Hakeem will have a better 3ball

Kareem and Drob will be the two best centers released. Hakeem and Shaq will be close but their releases are a bit too slow

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Now, It’s more about which release suits you better.

I have far more success wit KAJ than DRob for example.
Like I can’t miss with him

KAJ/Shaq has to be the decision. Or I messed up.

Nah Drob plays fine at PF so there’s always room to add shaq to the bench

Hakeem is goated but his release is nowhere near as fast and pure as D Robs.

My metric has become: can he defend GO Giannis? If he can’t, I consider him a weakness.

A juiced KAT with KG Anniversary Series could be an interesting option as well

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