Will Derrick Rose make the Basketball HOF?

Do you guys think Derrick Rose is a HOF’er?

I mean his career stats seem good enough to be in the HOF and his MVP win helps. He might not be first ballot tho.

The standards for the HOF are so low. I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow gets in 20 or 30 years.
But he hasn’t done far enough to be a HOFer imo.


I don’t think there are many mvps which don’t end up in the hof, never mind youngest ever



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I mean I’m sure theres people who have done less that’s been inducted lolol

100%. Youngest mvp ever. I mean, Grant Hill is a hofer too

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Yeah alot of past players got in with a limited case. The HOF is very confusing for the standards they set for a HOF. They make weird choices and hold back clear ones. Chris webber and Ben Wallace are still waiting to be hall of famers. Webber has a great case based on the people who gone ahead of him. Wallace should be first ballot HOF and it’s almost like he isn’t even considered.

Its only because of his lack of Offensive stats but honestly he is considered by many as the greatest defensive player of all time lol. for me idk who i consider as that tbh

I remembered Bob Mcadoo entered the HOF around 2000 with his mvp, earlier days he didnt make top50 players in 1996 I believed. So Rose’s mvp already meant to be a sure key to HOF

We have to remember it’s the basketball HOF so Hill’s college accolades counts, 2x national champ.


It’s true! But I don’t think any mvp will ever be left out


He wont. Hes a lock. Hell hes still balling at a high level.

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If Tmac was a first ballot HOFer while achieving nothing in his career, you can be sure Derrick Rose will be in the HOF. He’s the youngest MVP after all

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For a few years it 1a Kobe, and 1b Tmac. Tmac was arguably the best player in the league for awhile. His career was cut short, but there weren’t many players to be on the level Tmac was on.


I was just gonna say if Grant Hill made it he 100% deserves to get in


When you can’t go further than first round in the playoffs I can’t consider you as a big player

If Tmac is a first ballot HOFer, Rose deserves it too

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TMac has a far better longevity
His prime is better than the few years Rose had.
McGrady’s '03 season is better than Rose MVP year.


Okay, but Rose has 1 MVP. And he’s the youngest of all time.

Derrick Rose went much more farther in the playoffs than Tmac. Tmac has been stuck on the first round his whole career, the first round !

Tmac is very overrated to me. A bit like Melo, but at least Melo went to conference finals

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I don’t think of tmac as overrated. but who was his competition when he was doing so well? Sometimes even the best players can be beaten regardless of stats. Its just hard to get through tough teams

Apart from the Pistons and Nets, the eastern conference was weak af in 2003

With a 42/40 record, the Magic was 8th seed in the east. If they were in the West, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. And the 3rd team in the east, the Pacers, were 48/34. They would be 8th seed in the West

So he doesn’t have the excuse of tough competiton