Will D Ray Allen's price drop?

No idea what his price will be around that time. And just wait until Monday for a new hint. He’s outta packs on Tues. so you have plenty of time.

I got him on Xbox 10 minutes ago for 70k. Not sure why ray Allen is so cheap every year and can literally shoot from anywhere and has powerful dunks. Gotta be his awkward release keeping price down.

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@lbj4mvp im just worried that if I dont get him ASAP he will keep rising and rising in price

I haven’t tried him anywhere else yet, but he is a TTO GOD… Man is unguardable

Thursday or Friday morning I grabbed one at 62 or 63k… but that was 5am or 530 am EST. Haven’t seen him that cheap since. Grab him at 70k or less. Imo

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@lbj4mvp are u sure that once he’s out of packs his price wont keep rising and rising?

I’m not 100% sure that’s what I think will happen, but that’s why I bought mines today.

@lbj4mvp whats the highest I should buy him at? 60k?

Depends on whatever you think the cards worth

@lbj4mvp what do u think he’s worth? Is 70k a good price?


I sold mine for 74,950 a few hours ago on PS4 (I pulled him). I think this card is pure trash- that release is not intuitive or natural at all. I admittedly only gave him one game, during Domination in the first round, vs a bad team, and I could not get him going. Sure, I scored 24 points and went 5-11 from 3, BUT in my other account where I got the newest Harden, he drops 80 regularly and goes like 10-15 for 3. So, I see why Harden is 145K, and this Allen is 75K, even tho they are the same height, same’ish badges, and Allen by the numbers should play better D. In reality, Harden’s model looks waaaay bigger, he is apparently stronger (an immovable force), and he just scores at ease. Allen was definitely not scoring at ease for me. I found myself wanting to get the ball to anyone else for a shot, other than Ray Ray, due to that horrendous release.

So, I am glad I pulled him and sold at market value. Sure he may go up, but that is due to others’ figuring out his release OR people just stuck on #s and figuring how good he SHOULD be.


Allen dunks on people nasty tho.

His amethyst card is sick looking, love the art.

Two 12-0 runs with him and hes averaging 25 points. Definately worth the MT but his release isnt for everyone. Im playing klay off the bench and it feels wrong lol

Seriously met a guy using ray allen in TTO, take shots 1 step from 3p line with ray anytime and knock down everything, and I was using Klay, got fked by ray allen hard.

Pure shooter wise, ray will remain till the end phase with Klay as top SG shooters in the game this year imo

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Bought him 81 sold 79 after he bricked 4 open shots in tto i cant green shots with him even in practice

Its worrh learning his shot and saving 100k plus for a great shooter and dunker. I just shot 23 points with him in first quarter of game 12 before he quit. Only to get a damn sapphire out of the jordan packs -.-

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At least you got a sapphire. I pulled a gold.

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So does the 6 HOF neweest PD badge Harden tho. And the release is butter.