Will D Ray Allen's price drop?

I bought him this morning for 62.3k now he’s at 79k. He plays great for me, but I’m wondering if he’ll drop to 40-60k anytime soon?

Tbh it depends but this Ray Allen is actually solid. This is the first card where I actually like using Ray Allen, his animations are good, knockdown shooter and a decent defender

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Once he’s out of packs he’ll prob hover around 100k until pd comes out.

@pancakes @anon57992714 he was really going that cheap in the morning? What console? What is the cheapest I would be able to get him this weekend? When he’s out of packs, on Tuesday will his price drop and how low?

He’ll go up in price in about 3-5wks, he has the 4 best hof shooting badges. And cards are always cheaper when they’re in packs. Once he’s unpullable and not being posted to often you’ll slowly see his price creep back up.

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@lbj4mvp can u answer my previous question?

@lbj4mvp @anon57992714 @pancakes what was the lowest he ever went for?

There’s so many people ripping packs, not sure how much he will go up. Look at Pippen. He’s going for under a 100k now because so many people ripped for MJ and this pippen is a great card. I’m holding on to my Ray because he’s a personal favorite but don’t anticipate making a lot of MT from him

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This morning he was under 70k, about 67k. I saw a 62 and grabbed him. Right now he’s 75-80k

I sold one for 77 last night

Lowest I seen him on xb1 was at 73k. But he’s slowly been creeping up and I been seeing him sell at 79k steadily now. He’s out of packs on Tues. and ppl have cool down on opening AD packs. Just his shooting badges aline will keep his price up. There’s only 3 other cards currently in the game with the best 4 hof shooting badges. The Dia Klay which cost 400k so that’s not an option for many ppl, PD Limited Arenas who cost 240k, and the new Dia Mark Price which is 6’0 and 170lbs so he’s not big enough for most players. So right now Ray Allen is the cheapest and the easiest to attain.

@lbj4mvp will his price drop if the market crashes on tuesday? How low will I be able to cop him for?

I imagine if Kobe comes out on Tuesday is price will drop even more because they play the same position. They are different players though so might recover after that

@pancakes @lbj4mvp whens the best time to buy ray in the next 2 days and what is his lowest price going to be in the next few days?

Not sure depends on who gets released, maybe not. If Kobe gets released, I think alot of ppl who own Klay will sell him to get the MT to use towards Kobe and then they’ll need a replacement sharpshooter and that’s where Ray Allen may come to factor in. But honestly it’s hard to predict the auction house.

65k lowest. Early morning 7-12. Or evening.

I would buy him today if I were you. I picked my Ray ul about a hr ago for 60k even because evrytime I refresh the cheapes one would get bought out. If Kobe comes out Tuesday then that day will probably be good too.

@pancakes on Xbox? Whats the cheapest I could get him at tomorrow at 2/3 pm est?

@lbj4mvp the earliest I can buy him is at 2/3 pm est tomorrow. What will his price be then? And when do u recommend to buy him? Sunday and Monday when he’s still in packs? Late Monday night when a hint is released? Or Tuesday when the player is released, regardless if its Kobe? Rank the options

70k likely. But if Kobe drops, Ray might drop too