Will anything bring down these silver prices?

I mean promo after promo and these suckers are barely moving.

Everyone is using the same wait until a promo drops strategy. A lot of times they’re cheaper the day before.

They dropped a lot right during klaypacalypse

People were pulling silvers and trying to sell as fast as possible

They go down with each big name moment that drops but so many people are holding out to buy them as well so they get scooped up quickly and their prices go back up when people buy other packs.

I have a few and im bout to as F it and just sell them.

i dont see why prices would go down as long as the pink diamond reward players are relevant.

No ones buying the basic packs that’s why there’s no silvers. The only way they drop in price is if 2k releases a pack that gives silvers lmao but they won’t do that since the silvers are key to getting the tokens

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