Wilder Fury II OFFICIAL Fight Thread

Wilder Fury II OFFICIAL Fight Thread

Hype for the fight tn, Wilder definitely finishing this one. What are ya’ll thought on the outcome? even some solid fights on the card under the main event.

Also, what are we using to stream tn? cause crackstreams gonna go down as soon as the bell rings for the main event haha

Fury’s a way better boxer, but I don’t think he can handle wilders power again. He’s been punch drunk for about 5 years now.

Wilder already knocked that Gypsy out once. Only using his Gypsy magic and chanting, he reanimated himself like a zombie and survived another minute to make it to bell.

Won’t happen again.

Wilder in round 10.


Imagine thinking that the Gypsy magic won’t happen again.

Imagine thinking that Gypsies aren’t the sexiest.

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Edit: I do know a few sexy gypsy women tho. Whew lawd. If I could pass for a Romani I’d be all up in that shit


Imagine thinking the Gypsy tears cannot cure coronavirus.


only way fury wins is if he out points him, hes not getting a finish imo. even with the gypsy powers hahaha @DaNali

I had Fury winning the 1st fight. I think he does it again. Just gotta watch out for the right hook. And it’s a W.

Fury wins 7-5 rounds.

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This gonna be goooood


Wilder gonna S L A U G H T E R

What!? Dude went through a battle with depression and drugs and didn’t even box for 3 years after beating Klitschko for the championship. He’s technically still the champion because no one has beaten this man for the belt.

Please tell me where you got this punch drunk theory of yours from? He’s very articulate as well, which we all know most punch drunk fighters are not.

Fury is the MUCH better boxer here, but Wilder has that one punch power that’s unheard of. It’s skill versus power tonight and I’m taking skills. IF Fury stays on top of Wilder, takes his angles away and don’t give him openings and opportunities it’s an easy win. Wilder was getting so frustrated in the first fight when Fury was doing this, but if Fury gets sloppy, or too aggressive…it could be lights out.

I don’t see Fury getting knocked out, but knock downs could cost him again. This fight will be great again!

Was just about to make this thread!

Where the bets at ? I got wilder !!!

I wouldn’t say that Tyson is articulate lol. Normally after you say stuff I look it up Bc you have that dad knowledge. I respect your opinion.
A lot of articles talked about his depression, drug abuse and falling off the map being related to brain trauma.

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Noted that these just opinions were when he went on a hiatus. I haven’t kept up with him in years.

In all of the interviews that I have seen he seems very articulate to me and I have no problems understanding him. It’s not like how James Toney, or Evander Holyfield sound like when they talk. I mean Joe Frazier needed subtitles we he spoke because of how punch drunk he was.

Fury has always battled depression, so I don’t chalk it up to being punch drunk, especially since Klitschko barely touched him in the fight that he won the belt.

He speaks about how he felt like there was nothing else to accomplish because being champ meant he was the best and it created his depression because he no longer had a goal to reach. I’ve watched him on Rogan, Hot Boxing with Mike Tyson, and several other interviews. He’s no where close to punch drunk imo.

Yea when you compare him to those guys. For sure. That shits sad. Mike Tyson is articulate compared to those guys.

When you reach a feat like that it’s hard to stay motivated.

I agree tho. Tyson’s way better. Wilders our generations George foreman tho. Anything can happen with that power.

Boxers don’t get punch drunk from fights. They get it from training. Like those old school boxing coaches will have you spar 3-5 days a week. Sparring rounds are normally more intense than the actual fight.

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I agree, but fighters don’t spare as much today as they did in the past and are very selective about who they spare, plus the elimination of 15 round fights…or should I say wars…has changed things as well. You take some of your worst beatings in sparring. How else are you supposed to know if you can handle what happens in the ring? Gotta go through the fire.

I hated sparring randoms. Most people don’t understand that sparring is practice and will try to kill you. I always worked on something when I sparred and was never trying to kill the person across from me.

Most injuries happen in sparring as well.

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Wilder but it’s gonna be Decision again

Depends where you go, I’ve been knocked out sparring. I’ve seen ufc champs get knocked out sparring.
if you’re ever in st.louis go to North county boxing on a Saturday. A bunch of big names from St. Louis came out of there. And it’s a fight on Saturday.
Run down ass gym with water hoses as the ropes and carpet over plywood for the floor.
You see some of the best fights in the gym.