Wiggins Trade Incoming?

Who wants Wiggins

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LeGM probably thinks Wiggins is still good

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Good Question I know NY don’t that’s for sure

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Any wiggins trade is probably to a non contender and wolves would have to ship off a bunch of draft picks and guys like covington

Even tanking teams aren’t dumb enough to take him.
30mil a year until 2022 and he’s absolutely useless.

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Nobody is taking that horrendous contract


I could see a team like the Hawks taking a chance on him. Worse case scenario it doesn’t work out and he walks at the end of his contract. The Hawks have a great young core but aren’t really a serious team yet

Next thing u know he in NY

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With the way this offseason has gone so far for NY I wouldn’t be surprised


His contract is just way toooooo big. Maybe years later with the inflation his contract will be fair, at the same time he MUST show attitude to play hard and the desire to win.

Its kinda sad seeing him go from the “next Lebron” to a trash can

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If Wiggins join Cavs without trading kevin love i will pre order 2k20 100% .

Imagine :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: The Utah Jazz of East

Darius Garland
Joakim Noah

I hope Wiggins back as normal beast in 16-17 season 24.0 ppg

I’d take Wiggins

That team wins like 15 games all season…


Already happened to KD too as well…

I’m not Ready to rule out Wiggins developing into a beast. He’s 24 lol.

Age doesn’t really matter, everyone has a different trajectory.
He needs an organization that’s all about discipline and maximum effort.
Even if he didn’t improve his skills, he could be an all-star if he was locked in all the time. His physical capabilities are off the chart.
Unfortunately for him, no competent organization is taking that contract.