Wiggins Moments Card?!?!?!

So Andrew Wiggins just had 0 points on 0-12 shooting in 29 minutes. Can 2k give us a bronze moments card for this just for shits and giggles?


They’ll probably boost HC jimmy butler stats instead


No bro. They can’t give us a bronze Andrew Wiggins without giving us a bronze J.R Smith for game 1 of last years Finals.

Covington needs a bronze too, 1-18 from the field, 0-10 from 3

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Damn Covington shot 1-18 tonight :flushed:

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Just checked. Wowwwww that is probably the worse shooting stat line i have ever seen from a professional athlete. How does someone manage to shoot 1-18? 76ers looking like thieves in the night for trading him for Jimmy.

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Yet they still won in convincing fashion lol

Nah we need a moments Dwight Howard card

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Bcuz D Rose :rose:and Towns have been balling like Allstars. Timberwolves still have a solid team and Bulls not so much.

Don’t disrespect my Bulls ever again. We got a great team… It’s just that they’re all injured. No Lauri, Dunn, Portis, or Valentine a month into the season

We might get him in Playoff Moments.

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Lmao :joy: no disrespect intended, but the team isn’t great. Bulls have some promising young talent though.

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Top-3 most promising young talent behind only the Celtics & 76ers.

Definitely in that category. I would say the Kings look promising too, but Lavine and Lauri gives the Bulls the advantage. I always knew Zach was going to be good. I just didn’t know he would be a 25ppg type scorer. Interesting to see how that roster changes next season with his arrival as a star.

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Bulls more promising young team than the Nuggets. I’m out :joy:


True as in you think the Bulls are or aren’t? I KNOW you know the right answer

Nuggets are definitely better than the Bulls.

Can’t stand this Andrew boy…

Probably the worst max contract in history tbh.