Wifi Question

I have been having really bad connection issues lately and one of my friends suggested that it may be because 5 ghz internet is terrible through walls (router is upstairs and I play PS downstairs). I tested the connection levels with my phone and, sure enough, my connection levels go from perfect to really terrible as soon as I take a step downstairs (at the point which a wall impedes the router signal). I am considering buying a wifi range extender and then running an ethernet cable from the extender into my PS4, as this seems to be a solution that has worked for others. Have you guys had a similar experience/ any tips for this scenario?

Thank you in advance, any help is appreciated.

5GHZ needs to be on the same floor as well. can u switch to 2.4?

My game changed 100% when I wired a cable from my Xbox to my WiFi router. Highly recommend it. The lag is still there because it’s 2K, but it’s cut in half at least.

I honestly don’t even know how to go about doing that (I’m sure it’s common sense and I’m just not good with this stuff). Is that something I’d have to contact my ISP about, or is it like a click of a button type thing?

Yeah for sure, I would love to go that route, but I don’t want to run an ethernet up the stairs due to it being a hazard. That’s why I want hoping running a wired connection into the extender might be a little bit of an easier way to get similar results.

if ur wifi router has the capability to switch to 2.4Ghz you can do it. you just have to know the port on the localhost that it exposes for the admin dashboard. you should be able to google it by the make/model of your router

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That should help. The tech who recently upgraded my router also moved it because he pointed out that when it was a floor below (in my basement), the signal was weakening trying to get through a floor and two walls. Just moving it to the same floor as my Xbox helped. Then wiring it made it even better.

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Ok, awesome, thank you so much. I’m going to try that out. I’m sure it has the capability, as most of the newer routers do from what I understand.